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"Love is the creative force of the universe. Human's are co-creators with God, and each person has been sent to Earth to fulfill a mission"

- Milanovich, Mc Cune


My Recommendations

Books I recommend: These books have inspired me to see the value of being creative as well as the importance of what we focus on and how we create our own life! The universal laws and especially the law of attraction.

Julia Cameron The Artist's way
Benedicte Thiis  "The rainbow tree"
Jonette Crowley The eagle and the condor,  Soul Body Fusion
Kenyon and Sion  The Magdalen Manuscript
Milanovich ad Mc Cune  The light shall sat you free
Hicks  Ask and It Is given
Ingrid Krianon  Att upplysa Jorden,  Guds närvaro i människan,  Vi och Alltet  (in Swedish)




Welcome to My Website

I am happy to inspire and teach others through my own concept "Creative contact": Everything which has given me more joy, courage and creative ability, increased intuition (and comprehension of the connectedness of it all,) I now wish to give forward to others. I want you to see the creative power of your thoughts, feelings and soul.

"There is a kiss we wish of all our hearts: the soul touching the body"
- Rumi

These are the services I offer now:

I. Work-shop/coaching in Creative Contact with main focus on Inspirative (Intuitive, Creative) Painting

II. Personal energy/ healing pictures with verbal explanation.

III. Art, paintings - for sale and/ or inspiration

IV. Energy treatment/”Mindfulness”: Activation of the Omni-Aura and Soul Body Fusion®


My Latest Creation